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I'm not sure if it's just Google that's bad at indexing personal blogs and non-clickbait articles but I haven't found much material for a city that's supposed the top destination in Europe for remote workers. I managed to sneak away and work remotely for a week, here's my take on the theme. It's not gonna be in-depth and I didn't have time to enjoy everything that the city has to offer but I hope you find this interesting anyways!

An International Exerience

The first thing I noticed from the very beginning is that everyone expects you to be a foreigner first, local second. Ok I'll admit I don't look like a native but this has happened with many other people on the street: if someone approaches you he'll start talking in english. This really surprised me, especially since I come from italy where english is uhm, let's say kinda lacking.


The city itself is very fun, sunny and lively. I arrived on Tuesday evening and was impressed by the ammount of life that was going on at 24:00 on a weekday. (On the other side I had a strong migraine and there were no pharmacies open. Harsh)

By the sea

I was living nearby the city center but not exactly in a great neighbourhood I've been told. But to be honest I couldn't complain since the price for the AirBnb was acceptable and the city center just 20 min on foot. There was also a cool hipster square with plenty of people just under my house and once again, I was completely surprised by how many foreigners there were!

I mostly worked from my room since I had wifi and a table. Just once I went to a coffee bar, and while certainly it's comfy and all, I didn't find it much more pleasing than working from home. I assume some people prefer company and a different area for work activity but I didn't mind. I know there are also many co-working places in Lisbon but I didn't try them. They're kinda expensive (100-200EUR) and I'm not sure they're worth the investment if you can work from home just fine.


General Considerations

The weather was really great considering it was Februrary. Sometimes the wind was chill but once the sun was out it could get really hot. I had to buy sunglasses and I'm still amused by the fact I had to buy them in winter.

The city looks really nice. Some locals say it's dirty but to be honest I haven't noticed it. There are many abbandoned buildings with graffiti but I felt they contributed to the mood. The buildings are also mostly new since they were built after the 1755's earthquake. I didn't visit much except the central areas but be prepared to walk up and down a lot, Lisbon is very hilly!

Restaurants are everywhere and there's a decent variety. Probably still behind when it comes to "hipster" restaurants if that's your thing but I've found food really great overall. The average price is about 10/12EUR for one serving + drink. I'll be honest and I didn't think about prices that much so I'm sure you can eat for even less!




As I said, I arrived on Tuesday and I was surprised to see people out. The same was true for Wednesday. On Thursday I decided to go for a beer and I came back home at 6AM. (Yes, I woke up and worked the next day but don't as me how).

Barrio Alto is the main neighbourhood when it comes to bars and cocktails. It's a mazelike collection of restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs that gets filled with people during the night. I've also noticed that all the steets lead here somehow huh.

Don't expect people to appear before 23:00 tho, it might seem a bit empty if you're not used to southern schedules but if you wait enough the place gets filled with all kinds of people. Locals, Erasmus, Digital Nomads, Turists etc. I would also love to point out that not once in my stay I've felt unsafe in the streets.


The second area is Cais Do Sodré, which is another neighbourhood next to Barrio Alto but closer to the coast. I'm saying only what I've heard since I haven't been here much but this is the place where the Clubs are. If you want to spend your night dancing there is one every 100 meters here, for every possible taste.

I went on Friday to Musicbox, a Tecno club right in the center of the Pink Street and it was really nice. (+ I met some really cool people on both nights, thanks for the company!)


Final Verdict

To be honest I'm in love with Lisbon. The prices have risen up in the past years probably and maybe it's a bit less natural now than it was 5/10 years ago but it's definitely a jewel. I felt happy walking its streets and it was really pleasant sitting on the sunny squares, eating local pastry (and being offered cocaine and weed constantly). I would immediately return given the opportunity, and I will also do everything is in my power to get that opportunity. First place in Nomadlist? Deserved

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